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Rahul I.

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I am an American a world traveler. I do patronize good restaurants and businesses. I do write about them. I decided to post on Degusta because I recently went to Colombia, and found some wonderful places. I am an Engineer. My wife is an Accountant. We also have a presence on other similar websites on the web. Look me up on Yelp.com if you want to know about my exploits in North America and Europe.
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Miembro desde: Junio de 2018
Restaurante favorito: So many that it is difficult to list only one.
Tipo de comida favorita: anything with fish
Para acompañar mi comida no debe faltar: You gotta like fish. That is why my wife is with me when I go out and eat
El mejor plato que he comido: I like ceviche. I also like Vietnamese food. Many diverse tastes
Mejor descubrimiento reciente: Colombia. It is a beautiful country
Postre favorito: payasa (kheer). Common Indian sweet (like a pudding). It may be called che in Vietnam. It may be something similar to a flan in Europe. It varies.
Cerveza favorita: I do not drink alcohol
Vino favorito: I do not drink alcohol
Día preferido para salir: Friday and Weekends
Programa de cocina favorito: Dinner
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One day while walking around La Candelaria with my wife, we were hungry, and it was about 1300. Since we were at Plaza Bolivar, we started walking towards the direction of La Puerta Falsa, however, we walked right passed it (we were not up to it). The place we decided upon was just two doors down from it, La Puerta de la Tradicion. We went in, and they were very friendly. They offered us the menu. My wife and I, being "new" to Colombia as tourists, decided on the typical Colombian food, tamal and hot chocolate. We each ordered appropriately. It was actually quite good. It was better then what would ever be the case in Arizona USA (where we currently live). The Tamal in Colombia was the traditional chicken, and tasted quite different from what we would find in the USA. It was good. The portions were also quite big. Both my wife and I completed our lunch, and were quite satisfied. We were ready to walk around Bogota some more and burn off the calories we consumed. We definitely recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a good lunch spot.


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